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BPO Service -Case8 Providing an in-house IT support for Japanese companies expanding their businesses into the U.S.

BPO Case Study

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Case8 Providing an in-house IT support for Japanese companies expanding their businesses into the U.S.

Providing IT support for an apparel planning company in New York,
NY Oomaru Seisakusho 2

Oomaru Seisakusho 2(Apparel Planning Company)

IT Support

◇Period: 2013

The Challenge

As Oomaru Seisakusho 2’s business expanded, they purchased additional desktop computers for their operation. However, they encountered network and backup problems through the addition of new computers. Because they did not have an in-house IT specialist and lacked IT background and knowledge, they had to pay a large fee for every on-site support for IT specialists from other companies.

Suggestion by Zation

● The SE from Zation visits the client for an inspection once a month, and make reports for any findings.
● In the case of any findings, the SE reports and provides various options and solutions to the problem.
● Zation also provides free consultation for other IT issues that the client faces.

Proposal Summary
Proposal Summary

Benefits Delivered to the client

Zation helped the client by providing an IT outsourcing solution and vastly improving organizational efficiency.

Some of the key result areas identified were:
-Increased operational efficiency by optimizing each desktop, as well as fixing network issues between the computers and hardware.
-Providing and securing backup server for the client’s data.
-Providing IT outsourcing support for a low monthly cost.

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